Brunswick Engineering specializes in non-destructive testing, underground mapping of buried features, underground buried infrastructure locating and subsurface imaging of geological features using ground penetrating radar technology.

      GPR Services:

      • Utility Locating & Mapping
      • Geotechnical / Geological Subsurface Survey
      • Concrete & Rebar Scanning - Bridge Deck Assessments
      • Pavement Structure Assessments
      • Underground Tank Location
      • Locate Subsurface Anomolies and Voids
      • Cemetery Mapping

      Subsurface profiles can easily be generated from survey data to provide real world depths from surface to underground features to compliment as-builts and geotechnical investigations. Lower frequency antennas allow for deep penetration of radar pulses but less clarity near surface and with small anomalies and buried objects. Using higher frequency antennas allow for increased resolution and detail to clearly define individual pavement structure material layers as well as asphalt layer, however the depth of penetration is limited to near surface.