As technology advances, so do the applications. From using weighted lines in a row boat to collect random single points, we now have an autonomous unmanned boat capable of collecting swaths of georeferenced highly reliable data of the sea floor, river bed, channel bottom, etc. With our platform, we are able to offer many services ranging from single beam and multibeam surveys to side scan reconnaissance work. As our craft is equipped with an onboard computer, we are able to integrate many different sensors for both above and below the water surface measurements. For instance, a Velodyne LIDAR puck can be easily integrated onto the craft to capture above water surface details such as breakwaters, wharfs and bridge piers. We have also integrated several of our FLIR thermal cameras to help offer another level of data collection. Radiometric thermal data can be useful when inspecting concrete structures. Different sensors are easily added via existing ports on the boat. Most collected data can be integrated using several different software programs, which can combine the crafts movements with GPS data and data from the sensor to create a corrected georeferenced real time data set.

Bathymetric surveys are completed to measure the depth of water, underwater features and underwater manmade structures. Bathymetry is the equivalent of a topographic survey completed on land. During data collection, the data can be viewed live via a secure radio link. Surveys can be completed in autonomous mode using pre-defined way points.

ASV Applications:

  • Coastal Surveys
  • Port and Harbor Security Mining pits
  • Tailing ponds
  • Sewage treatment plants Environmentally sensitive areas Construction and Inspection Dams and reservoirs
  • Flooded Areas
  • Lakes, harbours, rivers