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Over 100 years in combined knowledge and experience  

Brunswick Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Brunswick Engineering & Consulting Inc. is a locally owned and operated consulting engineering firm serving clients throughout Atlantic Canada.  We provide our clients with high quality professional services ranging from contract administration, project management, design, laboratory testing and construction inspection.  Specializing in the fields of geotechnical engineering, municipal engineering, land and site development, materials engineering, project management, and field and laboratory testing facilities and equipment.  The field and laboratory testing is primarily in the areas of concrete, asphalt and soils/ aggregates.

One of the crucial requirements for growth is innovation.

Brunswick Engineering is always looking at new methods and technology

that will allow us to enhance our service to customers.

We are excited to introduce two very significant new services.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
[UAV] Services

Newest in our arsenal is the Surveyor 630 UAV. This drone allows us to collect an unprecedented amount of high precision survey data in a fraction of time in comparison with traditional GPS surveys. [Read more]

Ground Penetrating Radar
[GPR] Services

Brunswick Engineering now specializes in non-destructuve testing, underground mapping of buried features, underground buried infrastructure locating and subsurface imaging of geological features using ground penetrating radar technology. [Read more]