We use advanced equipment and the latest methods in the field of soil and rock mechanics to investigate subsurface conditions and materials; determine the relevant physical/mechanical and chemical properties of these materials; evaluate the stability of natural and man-made slopes; assess risks posed by site conditions and construction activities; design earthworks and shallow/deep foundations. We supervise, inspect and monitor site conditions throughout construction and operations. We will determine and design the best and most cost effective type of foundation to suit the intended structures and improve soil conditions through advanced non-traditional ground improvement techniques.

 The success of any PA programneeds two things

Geotechnical Engineering Services:

  • Geotechnical investigations using traditional and advanced sampling equipment and procedures and on-site soil and rock testing

  • Advanced geotechnical laboratory testing and modelling

  • Settlement modelling, analysis and monitoring

  • Slope stability analysis,  design, monitoring slope movements using advanced continuous monitoring equipment that can be accessed remotely

  • Retaining wall design - gravity wall systems, mechanical tie-back systems, reinforced soil systems

  • Deep & shallow foundation analysis, design, testing and inspection of helical screw piles, micro pull down piles, H section and pipe piles

  • Ground improvement design and consultation for construction on or over soft soils

  • Engineered fill design

  • Aggregate resource assessments, design; permitting, operation consultation

Simple to construct solutions & guaranteed high quality construction.